Market Entry

This page contains details of the different roles that make up the energy market. You can find out more about each of the roles and what is required in order to join the electricity market.

How it relates to you

Most Suppliers, Generators, and Licensed Distribution System Operators may have to become a BSC Party because it is a condition within their Ofgem licence. Other companies wishing to trade within the BSC arrangements, like Non-Physical Trader and Virtual Lead Parties, may also have to do so.

Party and Party Agent roles

There are multiple roles that make up the electricity industry. Visit the relevant page below and find out specifically what each role does, the qualification(s) required, the costs involved and the steps needed to enter the market.

SVA Party Agent roles

If you wish to operate in any of the Supplier Volume Party Agent (SVA) roles mentioned below, you will have to undergo SVA .

  • Central Volume Allocation Meter Operator Agent
  • Meter Administrator
  • Operator
  • Unmetered Supplies Operator

SVA Qualification and Re-Qualification


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Market Entry

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