Balancing Mechanism Units

Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units are used as units of trade within the Balancing Mechanism. Each BM Unit accounts for a collection of plant and/or apparatus, and is considered the smallest grouping that can be independently controlled.

As a result, most BM Units contain either a generating unit or a collection of consumption meters. Any energy produced or consumed by the contents of a BM Unit is accredited to that BM Unit.

Systems Connections Points 

A Systems Connection Point is a point of connection between two or more Systems excluding points of connection between Distribution Systems in the same GSP Group or a point of connection between Offshore Transmission System User Assets and the Transmission System. There are three types of Systems Connection Points:

  • Grid Supply Points (GSPs) – these are points of connection between the Transmission System and a Distribution System
  • Offshore Transmission Connection Point (OTCP) – these are a GSP where the Systems Connection Point is between a Distribution System and an Offshore Transmission System. Note, at an OTCP the Metering System is registered by National Grid as opposed to the LDSO
  • Distribution Systems Connection Points (DSCPs) – these are points of connection between two Distribution Systems


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