The Profiling Expert Group (PEG)

The PEG is an impartial expert advisory group to the Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG) on matters relating to the BSC’s profiling arrangements.

PEG’s main responsibilities are:
• Review the Technical Product Deliverables (TPDs) provided to ELEXON by the Profile Administrator (PrA)
• Review the Group Average Demand (GAD) data from which the TPDs are derived
• Recommend contingency actions to be undertaken by the PrA in the case of unsuitable profiling data or deliverables
• Review default data, Average Fraction of Yearly Consumption values and other Settlement parameters, as requested by the SVG

At least once a year the PEG meets face-to face; if requested by the SVG, the Chairman may convene extra meetings from time to time to review other Non Half Hourly Settlement data (usually by teleconference). It  holds its meetings in closed session, as it considers confidential data. It has no decision-making powers, but makes recommendations to the SVG.

For more details, please see PEG’s Terms of Reference.


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