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The Balancing and Settlement Code is governed by the BSC Panel and a number of committees and industry groups. They meet regularly to fulfil the duties of the BSC and discuss issues arising from day to day operations. Part of this includes how changes to the BSC itself, Code Subsidiary Documents and BSC Systems are developed, assessed and implemented. Panel Members must act impartially and not be representative of any one Party or class of Parties.

ELEXON attends the BSC Panel and provides secretariat services.

The Chairman of the BSC Panel (also the Chairman of the ELEXON Board) may only cast a vote in respect of Panel determinations where there is no overall majority. Save for this exception, ELEXON is not a member of the BSC Panel and has no vote in respect of BSC Panel determinations.


The BSC Panel has established six Panel Committees to support it in fulfilling its various duties, and a number of industry groups also meet regularly to discuss issues arising from the BSC. Membership of the committees and groups is drawn from the industry. Panel Committee Members must act impartially and not be representative of any one Party or class of Parties.

ELEXON chairs, attends and provides secretariat support to Panel Committees. However, ELEXON is not a member of the Panel Committees, either in its capacity as chair or in any other capacity, and it has no vote in respect of Panel Committee determinations.

List of groups and latest meetings


Cross-Codes Electricity Forum (CCEF)


Design Working Group


Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG)


Performance Assurance Board (PAB)


Profiling and Settlement Review Group (PSRG)


Q8 committee


Settlement Reform Advisory Group (SRAG)


Software Technical Advisory Group (STAG)


Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG)


Technical Assurance of Metering Expert Group (TAMEG)


The Profiling Expert Group (PEG)


Trading Disputes Committee (TDC)


Unmetered Supplies User Group (UMSUG)


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