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P402: Network charges

Following the conclusion of its Targeted Charging Review Significant Code Review, Ofgem directed National Grid and certain LDSOs to make changes to how residual revenues are recovered through Distribution Use of System (DUoS) and Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) demand charges.

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P403: TERRE Market suspended

P403 will provide Market Participants clarity on how the BSC arrangements will operate in the event that the TERRE Market arrangements are suspended.

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P404: Self-Assessment Document (SAD)

P404 aims to move Balancing and Settlement Code Procedure BSCP537 Appendices 1 ‘Self Assessment Document’, 2 ‘Testing Requirements’ and 3 ‘Guidance Notes on completing the SAD’ to a new Category 3 BSC Configurable Item.

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P378: Alex’s test Mod

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CP1599: changes to BSCP999999999999

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Slug test 2

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Slug test

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P376: Physical Notifications

Utlising a baselining methodology to set Physical Notifications for Settlement of Applicable Balancing Services.

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P378: Capacity Market

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P386: P344 legal text

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