BSC Guide: How Balancing and Settlement works

Dummies Guide to the BSC front coverOur new BSC Guide will help you get a better understanding of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) and how it works.

The BSC sets out the rules for the wholesale electricity market. These rules are detailed and can be viewed as complex, however they are necessary to make sure that the electricity market can work smoothly. This ensures BSC Parties pay for the electricity that their customers use.

We want to make it easier for you to understand the BSC, therefore we have created this BSC Guide. We have worked with publisher Wiley, the producers of the well-known series of ‘for Dummies’ books to create ‘The Balancing and Settlement Code for Dummies’.

What will I learn from the BSC Guide?

The BSC Guide is a simple explanation of how the BSC works and what ELEXON’s role is.

The Guide will cover the basics, such as:

  • how the BSC began
  • which electricity companies (including Suppliers and Generators) have to meet the BSC rules
  • electricity supply and demand – how it’s forecast and how the Settlement process works
  • how the Performance Assurance process works in the BSC

You will also find out what ELEXON’s role is and how we offer great customer service and support changes to the BSC. As well as this, we also help to improve the industry by:

  • looking to consolidate the 11 major energy codes and make them simpler in order to support the smarter electricity system
  • contributing towards achieving the Government’s net-zero emissions target
  • introducing new central information systems for the BSC that will support the rapidly changing market

The new platform systems provides digital market entry for new companies, digital customer account management, Settlement services and data services.

BSC Guide chapters

The seven chapters of the BSC Guide are:

  1. Getting to Know the BSC
  2. Delving Deeper into the Current and Future Electricity Market
  3. Understanding Other Aspects of the BSC
  4. Supporting Companies in the Electricity Market
  5. Evolving the BSC for the Future Energy Market
  6. Charting the Future of the Energy Codes
  7. 10 Key Takeaways about the Energy Sector

Download ‘The Balancing and Settlement Code for Dummies’


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