Industry and process consultations


There are a number of different consultations that relate to the wider electricity industry, ELEXON’s operations and process as well as consultations for individual Changes to the BSC and related documents.

ELEXON’s response to Industry consultations

We monitor and respond to consultations that may have an impact on the provisions in the BSC, on ELEXON, or – through ELEXON – on our customers. We respond to consultations if we think that an area of the BSC may be affected or where clarification of the BSC provisions is of benefit to the consultation. Some of these consultations also elicit a response from the BSC Panel.

Process, Operational and Credit consultations

These pages list all Consultations relating to BSC and code processes, Market Entry and Compliance, and Operations and Settlement. The consultations allow ELEXON to gather feedback from the industry about proposed changes so that any concerns are considered as part of our processes.

Change consultations

This page lists all Change Consultations which are opened when we need to obtain feedback from the industry on potential Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues. The page also includes Change consultations which have ceased to be active as they have reached their closed date.



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